Why is everyone talking about AI?

Why is everyone talking about AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a buzzword, since using it for the past few weeks, we can see why! 

We've recently been using AI in small tasks in the office and have found it really helpful. I think as a small business owner its going to be a game changer going forward. 

Firstly understanding what AI is will help you to see where you can use it to help in your daily tasks.

So here goes: AI aims to create intelligent machines that work and think like humans, its a way to teach machines to learn from data and make decisions like humans. The possibilities with AI are endless, and it can help small businesses in a multitude of ways.

AI has the potential to revolutionize small businesses by automating many time consuming daily tasks, like CONTENT CREATION.

We are currently using AI to generate content ideas, create content efficiently, and optimizing our content for search engines. 

The most often used tools we are currently making use of, (I'm sure this list will grow over the next few months), is: 



If you're anything like us, CONTENT CREATION is a bigger task in our business than we care to admit. We don't have an in house copy writer so using AI has really helped us to refine what we're trying to say and how we say it! 

We're currently using it in team meetings to help us with pricing formula's, problem solving, fact checking, we're using it to reword social posts so they are optimized for google searches and much more. 

I guess the skeptics will say, its much like google but I think once you start using it, you will see its more than a search engine and the possibilities of how you can use it to HELP you in your business are endless! 

We're excited to continue to find ways to streamline our processes using AI, I hope you will explore how it can help you! We're in a new era of creation, don't get left behind;-) 

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