Threads by Instagram: The new Social App for Personal Connections

Threads by Instagram: The new Social App for Personal Connections

Introducing THREADS, Instagrams new Baby, which some are referring to as a rival to Twitter. I'm not sure how closely it resembles it but it sure does feel a bit like it less the controversy for now;) 

If you're anything like me you probably gave a sigh of exhaustion when you heard Instagram just launched a new app. A new place we can show up! The very first thing I thought of was how much more work will this mean for me and our team? And is it somewhere we want to be? 

While we still don't know exactly just how we will leverage it just yet as brands, after all we are here watching our minutes and hours and how we spend them? It's the most valuable resource we have! 

The on-boarding process directly from your current Instagram account has made it SUPER simple, quick and easy to get on and follow people you already know and follow on Instagram. You can literally fall straight into the same community you're already in on Instagram , which is amazing if you're looking for another more uncensored real way to show up and give you're brand some personality;)

Here's a brief overview of what we understand THREADS to be, we're no experts since we've been on it for a few weeks only as have most of you;)

Instagrams new baby has been under development for quite some time but here's what we know so far:

The great thing is that you can keep your IG username, import your Instagram Bio, and even keep following the same accounts!

THREADS functions as a text-based conversation app with a slick clean design. It supports links, images, and videos, allowing you to share various types of content.

The maximum length for each post is set at 500 characters.

I really loved the way @themattiejames summed this up for us: 

For now, what we do know it's a space that's being used to be open, not curated and a space for conversation and sharing, what all good social media apps should be. What are your thoughts on this new app and have you joined?

We don't know if Threads will be around or valid or even be a place where we wanna show up on, but it's good to know and make an informed decision, I hope this posts helps to explain it a little more and helps you to decide whether or not you want to show up there! 

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