The Power of thinking BIG!

The Power of thinking BIG!

Hey small biz owners! Today I want to remind you of the power of thinking BIG! 

We started our photography business 15 years ago with the hopes of travelling the world and doing work we loved in beautiful locations around the world! We achieved just that! BUT our dreams in the years that followed changed, as did we as humans! Our needle for measuring BIG evolved! Our wants and needs evolved beyond what we could have imagined 15 years ago!

It may sound so ungrateful to some but the idea of constantly travelling to destinations around the world for work now seems like a burden for us. Of course a trip to Paris is always welcome but with small kids in school with cricket matches we never want to miss and ballet concerts we will move heaven and earth to be at, our desire for 'work' travel certainly lost some of its sparkle.

Our DREAM back then, no longer serves us NOW! And thats okay, thats life, its called GROWTH!

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We will forever be grateful for our journey in photography and will continue to shoot beautiful things till the day we die, but we are in a new season of our business and life and we're here to tell you: no matter how big or small your business may seem right now, don't limit yourself to just that! DREAM BIGGER! Set ambitious goals for yourself and go get them!

Success starts with a mindset, and if you're thinking big, you're already on the right track.

Everyones thinking BIG looks differently. Yours may be the goal of walking into your bosses office and handing in your resignation. Someone else's BIG might be to reach 7 figures in there sales. Someone else's might be to have location freedom and work from home. DON'T compare your big with anyone else's! 

Social media played a very big role in holding us back for many years! Every-time you log online, you see someone else doing what 'you want to do', someone else getting there 'first', someone else doing it 'better'. I will say it again: DON'T compare your dreams with anyone else's! DON'T compare your big with anyone else's! That will only limit and discourage you, it certainly has done that to us. As we climb a new mountain in our business, we are excited to put our heads down, not worry about what others are doing and just do YOU! 

Push yourself beyond YOUR comfort zone, and remember your potential is only limited by YOU!

Think outside the box, take some risks, explore new ideas and don't let fear of failure hold you back. The only limits are the ones you set for yourself!

Keep dreaming, keep growing, we can't wait to see you outgrow YOURSELF!

x o x o

Tam + Dyl

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