I've never been one for hoarding stuff! In fact every couple of months I go through a MASS throw out where I declutter and lighten the load. It makes me feel good and helps me stay on top of things. I never keep stuff like old greeting cards and train stubs from backpacking trips.

BUT, I have always held onto a few sentimental little things. Like a piece of the Egyptian pyramids (I know they're probably looking for it as we speak) that Dylan brought me back from a trip he did while we were dating to say he was thinking of me. Looking back there are a couple of other things I would have liked to hold onto.

I've kept both my pregnancy tests that read positive with my kids. I know its gross to keep something you once peed on, but I will always remember how I felt when I saw those two feint pink lines appear on those tests! Our lives changed forever on those days and that marked the beginning of my kids life stories.

I finally have a place to put these few precious things and a talking piece that I can take out and relate these stories from.

We are beyond excited to finally bring you the first of our KEEPSAKE BOXES:

The STORY box!

Its perfect for storing whatever it is YOU are sentimental about! Pee covered sticks or stolen rare stones.  

Hop over to the shop to check them out! And hey, stop in this crazy busy thing called life and breathe in the little moments that you are going to want to remember as part of your story!


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