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Personalized Hand Painted Keepsakes


R 700.00

This is the ULTIMATE gift!

Choose an image off a friends Instagram or social profile that you think they would cherish forever. Upload it here and get it transfered into a beautiful hand painted piece of Art!

Upload an image and receive a beautifully detailed hand painted masterpiece in a modern frame, delivered to your door in 3 - 4 weeks

This makes the perfect personal gift that says I gave it a lot of thought. 

Painted by: South African Artist, Kelly Farrow 

Size: 4in x 6in mounted in a frame

Painted on archival paper | Gouache - combination of oils + water based paint

This product comes as a single painting in a frame but works beautifully in a set as shown. 

Much time is spent trying to replicate details so therefore images of faces (Portraits) are priced differently as they take a lot more time! If your image includes relatively close ups of faces, it qualifies as a Portrait! 

Please select the correct option on the right!

Please note: Art is not an exact science so interpretation is left to the artist although she aims to recreate your images as close to the original as possible. NO returns are excepted on this product. 



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