We never planned to have kids!

Its been three and half years since we had River and we've done more than I can remember or jot down in the allotted space here: Two babies in two years, 6 overseas trips, dozens of domestic flights, too many road trips to count. 

This was almost two years ago and I genuinely cannot tell you where the time went!

River broke his arm the day London (our daughter) was born. He used to ask me to 'trinckle' his back, which meant to tickle his back so he would fall asleep.

 He was quick to wake me if I fell asleep before he did and the tickling stopped.

London loves to wrestles! It would be a relatively normal request if it was something we taught her or encouraged. Its how she shows affection. She wrestles ANYONE she thinks she could take down. We call her our angry little Mexican! If you see her you'd probably understand, why. 

Its all these small things that show their characters so beautifully that I'm trying to relive and make notes of in my baby journal so that I remember them when the kids are older and we can relive them.

My only regret is that I didn't have a baby journal from day one. Its hard for me to remember all the little things that have made us laugh and cry and made our hearts swell with pride and utter joy!

I hope you don't put off writing your memories down in a special place.

We were so happy to bring this local brand on board for these beautiful FINE ART BABY + PREGNANCY journals.

Give someone the most amazing gift that will last a LIFETIME! 

This is the baby Journal I'm currently using to write all the little things i can remember down : CLICK HERE

We're also stocking its predecessor the PREGNANCY JOURNAL 

What I love is that my journal will take entries right up until they turn 5 years old!


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